Top Performers’ Secrets: 3 Ways to Excel in Incident Response

The Ultimate Inter-Company Challenge for On-Call Responders!

May 8
May 8

Your business relies on its digital presence and its uptime is paramount. But if incident response is critical, what ensures good incident response? And what sets top incident responders apart from the rest? Our webinar is designed to answer those questions by delving deep into the strategies, behaviours, and best practices that define top performers in incident response.

During this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How top performers have mastered the key elements (Scope, Mechanics, Comms, and Command) of incident response
  • How to navigate complex incident scenarios with ease
  • Strategies for promoting peak performance within your team
  • Tips for transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement

Plus, gain insights from a groundbreaking 2-week experiment featuring insights from 30 different responders to the same incident. Learn how these diverse perspectives shed light on the most effective incident response strategies.

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Event Speakers
Joe McKevitt

Co-founder & Director of Engineering (Uptime Labs)

Greg Bowman

(Uptime Labs)